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In search of a "Theory of Everything"


Can there be a credible theory concerning the essence of matter, the origin of mass and the nature of existing forces? An all-encompassing theory that can explain the behaviourism of matter and energy?

Such a theory does exist. Of that, there can be no doubt. The only question is whether or not our current knowledge on the subject is sufficient for it to be set out precisely and systematically.

The answer is a categorical YES and I am now able to reveal the "New Theory" entitled "A New Physics for a New Millennium", "Matter and Energy" (286 pages).

Special attention must be paid to the missing neutrinos as the revision of this work made in August 2005 refers mainly to this subject. It must be noted that researchers have reached conclusions on this respect that are against the Standard Model.

In the magazine "The General Science Journal", several posts regarding this Theory in relation to the Standard Model and Higgs boson have been published. To access them, click here

This work has not yet been published but my intellectual property is fully protected.

Among other Copyrigths, the whole contents of this web site has a Certificate of Registration issued under the seal of the United States Copyright Office - The Library of Congress in accordance with title 17, United States Code.

I am offering you here the Preface to "Matter and Energy" (9 pages) and one of its Chapters, "Classical Physics, Quantum Mechanics and This Theory" (15 pages).

To get the above in MS Word, free of charge, click on the icons below.

Matter & Energy Part I (359Kb)
Matter & Energy Part II (393Kb)
Matter & Energy Part III (632Kb)
Matter & Energy Part IV (315Kb)


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